Dior Made With Love

Each year, in the days leading to the May Rose Harvest, the field is weeded following a traditional and chemical-free technique to ensure the best olfactory quality for its flowers.
Through these partnerships, DIOR commits to preserving the extraordinary terroir and savoir-faire of the Grasse region.
A true pact with nature. For sustainable, respectful and made with love fragrances.

The clock that became a stamp of quality

Fashion and style rioter

Anything made in Switzerland these days is a stamp of quality. Well the IWC Schaffhausen is no exception, in fact the brand has been one of the greatest producers of timepieces since it’s creation, especially when talking about aviator clocks. Fashion and style rioter

IWC- International Watch Company established in 1868 in the city of Schaffhausen has been a success from the beginning. It was the Rolex of today. The watch with which the rich would spend their hard earned money and wear on special occasions. The fact that is not as popular today mustn’t fool you. A single piece is extremely expensive. The brand even works closely with Daimler and that is why the analogue watch on the dashboard of the expensive models of Mercedes is a IWC.Fashion and style rioter

If you ever find the will and the funds of course to buy a premium watch that is not mainstream but also pretty recognizable I assure you that IWC is a great brand that you definitely should pay attention to.Fashion and style rioter


Mercedes – The Vision Simplex

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The name of natural beauty is Rachel Hunter


2395185_4846010New Zealand’s first supermodel and a champion of natural beauty has turned 50 last year.

From that curly-haired Trumpet girl to the cover of Vogue,  Elle, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Playboy, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar and back to New Zealand  Rachel Hunter has made a memorable mark on the culture of her country.

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The connection between fashion and music

Fashion and music go hand by hand since the modern concept of music was born. When people went to concerts in the 17th century they couldn’t just go. They needed a special outfit, even a wig in some cases.

In modern times this is thankfully not the case however, there are the music videos. They can be pretty provocative especially when looking at their styling.

These clothes are in fact something made by the top fashion brands and the music video is merely a commercial for a crazy new design. Music is often a clear inspiration for a crazy new trend.

An Indian performer whose style, even simple got immensely copied.

Music can be an inspiration for everyone and everything, especially fashion so keep on listening, it can shape your style.



In a meta expression of culture and portraiture, Cher is the star of the new Dsquared2 ICON Spring Summer 2020 campaign – shot by Mert & Marcus. Embodying the meaning of a true Icon, Cher is stripped down to her true self. Depicting a real person with raw beauty. Instead of a gown and glitter, the undisputed Goddess of Pop wears the ICON printed sweatshirt and the brand signature staple jeans. A pure look featuring her infamous long hair and her ever so timeless attitude.

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Shuhei Yoshida – more Gamer, than President

Yoshida-san-Biz-Card-Geek-CultureThose who create games for PS, do enjoy playing them on the PS4. That great man is Shuhei Yoshida, the veteran behind PlayStation Worldwide Studios.  You can follow his account on PSN and you can see whenever he plays a game on his ps4. If you want to see him in action, go to youtube and type ‘Shuhei Yoshida plays Bloodborne’.

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The blank canvas that is the body

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Tattoos have existed in different cultures for hundreds of years, from old medieval eastern European tattoos to Indonesian body art. They were all over the world. The modern perception of a tattoo appeared in the 1920’s in the USA. Tattoos were a must have for the sailors. The more they have sailed, the more tattoos they had. When they returned to shore people looked at their tattoos. People started to like them and from that moment the modern tattoo was born. Here is and example of an old school tattoo:

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Scotch & Soda X Keoni


We all dream about summer, a long one, a funny one and colourful. After the lock down, all we need is fresh air, salty kisses, never ending sunny days and crazy party nights. And… Scotch & Soda has some ideas for us.Discover the Scotch & Soda X Keoni collection of summer essentials inspired by an iconic Hawaiian print from renowned Aloha shirtmaker Keoni.

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